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Secure your decks, patios, walkways, staircases, balconies, pools and more with a lasting porch or deck railings! Let All4Fencing help design railing system for both your residential and light-duty commercial projects. Many are offered in a variety of styles and colors and we are confident that one will be the right style and function for your project. All4Fencing will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and remember: all estimates are free!

Railings is a term applied to the structure that is installed alongside a staircase a balcony or a deck for safety purposes, and are generally installed on the edge of a deck or a stairway; however this is not a fixed rule. A railing can also just provide enclosure, or simply separation to an area within a building or house. Other commonly used names are banisters, balustrade, guardrail, handrail, or simply a rail. Railings generally consist of 2 or 3 horizontal rails, and are connected together to form a rigid structure. Top rail is usually referred to as hand rail, and is the part of the rail that is accessible to hand grabbing. The most common method of connecting together both top and bottom rails is with straight pickets or balusters. There are, however, unlimited designs and forms that could be used for this purpose.

Aluminum Railings:

Aluminum’s combination of stability and durability makes it an ideal for railings. The durable finish requires little or no maintenance, and does not absorb moisture, which means it won't rust, rot, swell, warp, split, or crack. Choose first from several railing styles, then choose from pickets or glass panels, then choose a color and finally choose a finishing option from the variety available. There are several stock colors to choose from, as well as custom anodized aluminum railing.

Vinyl Railings:

Vinyl railings are very durable, and most offer a lifetime(?) warranty. They are reinforced by metal inserts and meet local building codes. Vinyl railings come in many styles and colors, and a wide variety of railing profiles, including different picket and glass infill choices. Decorative caps or soothing lights on the posts can enhance your outdoor living environment. Vinyl railing is offered in white or tan to complement your architectural theme. Whether you need a vinyl railing to finish off your vinyl deck, or you're looking for a custom solution for your outdoor living space, we can find what you need to get the job done.

Wood railings:

Wood Railing is the perfect addition to any deck, porch, or patio. It not only provides safety, but also a clean, quality styled look to any project you apply it to. Wood Railing can range from the simple, to anything the customer can dream up. Typically, the cost of Wood Fence is lower than Aluminum, Glass, PVC, or most other Railing.

All4Fencing provides several different types of wood railing. The first is Cedar Railing and Components, which are by far the most commonly used type of wood for railings and posts. Cedar is a strong, durable wood, offers a clean look, and can be stained in a variety of colors dependant on the customers specifications. The second is DougFir dimensional lumber, which is also a strong, durable wood, offers a clean look, and can be stained in a variety of colors like Cedar. The last is Pressure Treated Posts which are rarely used, but are an option for your posts. Pressure Treated wood is more prone to bending and warping than other types of wood, but is definitely an option for our customers if it provides the look they want!

Iron Railings:

The second most used railings type are iron/steel railings. The term iron refers to commercially available mild steel. An advantage of installing iron railing on a deck is it doesn't interfere with your view. Iron railings have the same sturdiness and security of a wood or vinyl railing, are long lasting, and with proper maintenance its appearance does not change with time, as do wood and aluminum railings. A well painted iron railing will last forever. Iron and Aluminum railings are classified into these basic categories and subcategories:

     Standard picket railings:

Referred to a plain picket railing, with two rails; one at the top and one at the bottom. Light ornamentation can be included and in most cases overlay picket castings placed every 2 or four pickets. Usually a 1 ½ inch channel or plate is used as a top and bottom railing, however, one inch square tubing is also used and on the top rail and a molded cap, called “Dixie cap”, is commonly installed on top of it. Another approach for top rail is to use rectangular tubing, usually 2x1 or 3x2 tubes.

     Ornamental picket railings:

This term refers in most cases to a railing with ornamental vertical pickets, which could be twisted pickets, hammered pickets, scroll pickets or combination. The rest of the constructive specifications could be the same as the standard railings, however, in many cases thicker profiles are used, like 1 ½ inch tubes and 2’ or 2 ¼ ‘ cap rails for a bulkier appearance. Ornamental pickets used to be commonly manufactured by the railing maker; however, in recent years there are specialized companies that sell readymade ornamental pickets in different thicknesses and designs. As a general rule, a bulkier railing will be more ornamental.

     Decorative railings:

The term “decorative” applies to a higher level of ornamentation; therefore it is referred to railings that have fancy scroll pickets or hot forged scrollwork made by a professional blacksmith. Most of the time decorative railings are used inside, and in combination with wood handrails, golden stained, aged, coppered, brass or metal top railings. They may include hot forged terminals at stairways starting points. These types of railings are seen only on high end mansions, because of its prohibitive cost. The finish is also something characteristic of decorative railings. Scrollwork, newel post and terminals usually include golden or copper accents. A vintage look can also be accomplished through rubbing and glazing techniques, and, surprisingly, sometimes the iron pieces are just left outside to rust and afterwards a clear coat is applied, to get a “rusty” look.

     Cast Iron Railings:

Cast iron railings are fabricated by combining steel tops and bottom rails with cast iron pickets or balusters, and is very versatile when making intricate designs with scrolls, leaves, grapes, pineapples and other limitless forms.
Please Visit our railings gallery to see examples of railing installations from All4Fencing.

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